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The Top 10 Coolest Things to 3D Print

Richard Grisafi - Sweet 3D Print

Article by Richard Grisafi

I’ve had my Solidoodle 2 for just over a year now. Although I have a few other machines this one is my overall favorite because it’s the most versatile. People often ask me “What can you make with it?” so I figured I’d do a post about the top 10 coolest things I would like to make if I just purchased a 3D Printer.

To make this list the item has to be open, freely available, and able to print on the average 3D printer. While I think it’s fantastic that someone printed a castle out of concrete or real edible cookies, it’s not something you can do with off-the-shelf equipment today. Most if not all of these require other readily available hardware (Screws, threaded rod, electronics) however none require proprietary equipment. All designs are available on Thingiverse

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