4 thoughts on “Projects”

  1. Hello Richard
    I have a quick question not sure if you can answer it or not
    How do you get the tasks to complete one after another without hitting the Enter key
    This is using the provided software With the 40 watt laser
    Thanks Leonard


    1. Hi Leonard,

      My apologies for the late response but the comments keep piling up and I only have so much time to respond to them.
      I had that exact same problem when I needed two passes and wanted to be by the laser cutter instead of my laptop. My solution was to just copy all the lines that needed two passes and just do a “Paste-in-Place”. The laser software doesn’t care that there are two lines on top of each other. It just cuts twice without asking.
      Hope this helps and thank you for reading.



    1. Hello Andreas,

      My apologies for the late response but I was away for most of August.

      My manual was written in poorly translated English (Chinglish?). Everything I learned was from a combination of success and failure. This machine is more than capable of engraving leather however I have not tried it so unfortunately I can’t provide any recommendations. If you manage to successfully engrave leather please let everyone know the speed/power/material thickness and anything else that you may find relevant. Thanks so much.



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