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Sony Rolly (SEP-30BT/SEP-10BT) Full Repair

Sony Rolly Working

Sony Rolly – Finally Fully Functional

Article by Richard Grisafi

It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve been busy with a new job among other things. I was searching eBay last week and they so nicely suggested that I might be interested in purchasing a Sony Rolly based on my previous searching habits. Well since I noticed the price was less than $600 I figured there was something wrong with it. Sure enough the left wheel motor seemed to be locking up and it was being sold as-is with a current bid at about $200. The seller claimed it played stored music and operated as a Bluetooth speaker just fine. If you’ll remember from my previous Sony Rolly Article,  it was my suspicion that the flash chip was to blame for my Rolly’s failure. My computer was unable to recognize it and tried to “Initialize the disk” every time I connected it. I put a bid on this new Rolly and forgot about it for a few days.

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Sony Rolly (SEP-30BT/SEP-10BT) Partial Teardown

Sony Rolly SEP-10BT

Article by Richard Grisafi

So let’s just say that it’s 2008 and you’re standing in a Sony Store with $350 burning a hole in your pocket. You glance over and see someone playing with an MP3 player that’s dancing and moving around. You think about asking what it’s called but there’s no time. You immediately pull out your wallet to pay the inevitable $75-$100 that you think it costs and then you look at the price tag which is $299.99. (I believe it originally cost $399.99 but there’s no way they were getting that). So if you’re me, you just suck it up and pay anyway while shaking with excitement about all the fun you’re going to have with it.

I took the Sony Rolly home and played with it for a solid two hours. I put it in my jacket pocket and showed everyone who would watch it. I made it dance and play music and I even used its streaming feature from time to time. I want to say after about maybe four to five total hours of usage I had forgotten about it. I went to use it a few months later and it wouldn’t work. Just a blinking orange light is all I got when I tried to make it dance. I connected it to my computer and it asked if I wanted to format the flash drive. The software no longer recognized it. I searched all over for a solution to the problem however it seems that most people don’t share my enthusiasm and didn’t want to light $299 on fire for a cheap thrill. Since I couldn’t find any information about how to disassemble it I figured I’d be the guinea pig and do it myself.

As usual this is based on my experience. Please be careful when working with electronics. I’m not responsible for any damage you may cause to yourself or your property. Obviously this will void your warranty however it’s probably long gone anyway since this product was discontinued several years ago.

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